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Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their potential, as individuals to be the person they want to be and to create the businesses they dream to have and from this to create wealth for the local economy now and to leave a legacy for the future in the communities where we are located.

We have listed below some of the reasons we begin working with individuals and businesses to support this purpose.

·        You have too much to do and not enough time

·        You have a vision for the business but have an outdated strategy and plan

·        Your margins are under pressure

·        You are struggling with staff engagement

·        You have lots of ideas for the growth of the business but implementing these are a challenge

·        You are working very long hours which is having an impact on your personal life

·        You have a new product/service to launch but are struggling with sales

·        You are losing business to competitors

·        You need support with implementing change in the business

·        You need an external sounding board, some impartial from the business

Wed 20th January 2021

10:30am - 1pm 

Wed 3rd March 2021

10:30am - 1pm

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What are our Business Leader Groups?  

MHA Henderson Loggie’s Business Leader Groups help business leaders and owners, including those in senior management positions and the next generation of business owners, to develop new strategies, learn new leadership skills and solve challenges in a confidential learning environment.

The BLG provides a combination of 1:1 Advisory support, action-orientated online learning and training, plus access to a global peer network.  

Why should you attend? 

Do you sometimes feel lonely in the top job?

Do you find it difficult to spend time working ON the business rather than IN the business?

Would you benefit from a confidential, non-competing environment where you could discuss your key issues with experienced facilitators and like-minded business peers?

Do you struggle to find the time to keep up to date with current areas of strategy development and best practice?

This is an interactive online workshop based session, in which we will provide you with tools to help you work on your business and come away with some key strategies to implement and also give you a chance to network too.  

Testimonials from Current Members

"Becoming a member of the BLG has opened my eyes to techniques in leadership & strategy that my business is already benefitting from on a daily basis. 

The opportunity to discuss issues and strategy with other like minded professionals is invaluable and the expertise provided by Henderson Loggie is faultless. I would not hesitate to recommend the BLG to anyone looking to move either their business or their own personal development forward."

Stuart Martin, CEO & Co-Founder, Hyper Luminal Games

"Learning in a group environment is of huge benefit to me. There is always something new, whether that be in business strategy, leadership or change management.

The business tools that you learn from being part of the group are very practical and can be implemented into your business easily and effectively and have delivered significant return on investment for the business."

Alan Walker, Managing Director, Bentleys Shopfitting

"The BLG provides me with the opportunity to think about strategy without the usual distractions, keeps me informed about the latest developments in leadership and gives me a forum to meet other business leaders who are faced with similar challenges. It gives me access to online tools and provides me with new skills and techniques to pass onto staff."

Joanne Grimmond, Partner, Blackadders

"Being part of the BLG provides me with an effective framework for contextualising any issues I encounter. It gives me access to a tried and tested suite of tools that help me identify and solve key problems and I have confidence in knowing that these tools and techniques I’m using are being constantly reviewed, tested and replaced in line with industry leading thinking."

Colin Anderson, Managing Director, Denki

Who runs the Business Leader Groups?

David Smith

Business Coach

Susan Godman

Business Coach

Jacqueline Watson

Business Coach

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